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HBO International Event Management.
HBO Hogere Managementopleiding voor de Mobiliteitsbranche. HBO International Business. HBO International Event Management. HBO Leisure Events Management. HBO Ondernemerschap Retail Management. HBO Tourism Management. Ontdek jouw top-3 studies! Genereer je eigen top-3 interessante studies met deze gratis invuloefening van onze studiecoach Tom.
Diploma Of Event Management Online Online Event Management Course.
I was completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Events Management but didn't' find the course specific enough for what I wanted to gain. I switched to College of Event Management. From day one I was immersed in the world of event management.
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5 Online Masters in Event Management by universities in United Kingdom DistanceLearningPortal.com.
Read more about studying Event Management. Is Event Management the right study option for you? Take the test! Studying in United Kingdom. The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning. Read more about studying in United Kingdom. Are you sure you can handle the weather in United Kingdom? Take the country test! A Distance-learning master's' options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies.
Top Online Courses in Event Management 2018.
Thus, you are guaranteed of gaining skills that are highly relevant and useful in the industry. Course Outline Introduction to Event Management Preliminary Steps to Plan an Event Get Organized Services and Specializations Venues Marketing Vendors Event Day Preparing for Your Career Getting Hired Starting Your Own Business Getting Clients Career Prospects. Our events management program provides you with intensive training so you can be confident when applying for various positions in organisations like. Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería. Online Part time September 2018 Spain Zaragoza. This course Protocol is intended to answer all questions relating to the protocol of hospitality and presentation of small events, approaching it from the point of view of food and catering, wines, assembly areas and other activities Additional. Get trained in the protocol from a gastronomic point of view. Both the current professional life as social relationships often require the development of activities that serve to enhance our image or our company through the restoration and gastronomy why protocol studies are increasingly demanded.
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Module Sport Facility / Event Management Cruyff Institute.
Deze case studies komen zowel uit profit als non-profit sector. Ook bezoeken de studenten en docenten en aantal sportaccommodaties en evenementen. Een aantal voorbeelden van on-site visits uit het verleden zijn.: AFC Ajax UEFA Europa League. Thialf NK Afstanden. Ahoy Zesdaagse van Rotterdam. Feyenoord Veiligheid wedstrijden. NIKE Europe Campus. ONDERWERPEN Er zijn zeven onderwerpen die tijdens de Module Sport Facility / Event Management aan bod komen. Definities kenmerken plan van aanpak Facility, Event en Hospitality Management.
Dit zijn de mogelijkheden na deze studierichting.: Schakelprogramma's' specifiek na Office management: Event en projectmanagement. Accountancy en het revisoraat KU Leuven. Agogische wetenschappen Vrije Universiteit Brussel Brussels Humanities, Sciences Engineering Campus. Bedrijfscommunicatie KU Leuven. Culturele studies KU Leuven. Handelswetenschappen KU Leuven Campus Brussel.
Best Master's' Degrees in Event Management 2019.
This is a new frontier of communication, determined by the fact that new professionals are rising, who are able to manage a box that is as much complex as magic. The Master course in Event Management teaches how to handle economic resources, time, and people, so that students learn how to design, organize and manage complex events, with a focus on entertainment. It trains a new generation of full-processing professionals who can manage the complex machine that moves events from the beginning until the end, including both the designing process and operations. Post-Graduation in Image, Protocol and Event Organization. Campus Full time 9 months October 2019 Portugal Lisbon. Studying in the area of events is an excellent investment since it is through these that the organizations establish a direct connection with their stakeholders, associated to the marketing and communication strategy. Studying in the area of events is an excellent investment since it is through these that the organizations establish a direct connection with their stakeholders, associated to the marketing and communication strategy. The Universidade Europeia offers a renewed syllabus for postgraduate studies in Image, Protocol and Event Organization 26th edition.
Opleidingen Howest.
Een proces waarbij we je graag helpen. Als je écht achter je keuze staat en je voelt je goed in de opleiding die je hebt gekozen, dan heb je een hogere slaagkans. Ontdek hier onze. Financie en Verzekeringswezen. Office Management Brugge. Event and Project Management. Human Resources Management.
Event Management Studies English Artevelde University College Ghent.
Event Management Studies English. The department of Event and Project Management offers courses with a strong emphasis on the organization and planning of events, general marketing, and language subjects. Our semester programme focuses on event organisation and management topics, and a number of electives.
Study Event Management degrees in Europe.
Bachelor in Event and Leisure Management. This bachelor in event and leisure management teaches you the essentials of management and economics in order for you to analyze events. Bachelor in Travel, Tourism, Leisure Event Management. Groupe ESC Troyes Champagne School of Management. This Bachelor provides education to future managers who will be fully operational as soon as their studies are complete.
Communicatiemanagement: Algemene opleiding Professionele bachelor HO. Communicatiemanagement: Commerciële communicatie Professionele bachelor HO. International Communication and Media E Professionele bachelor HO. International Tourism and Leisure E Professionele bachelor HO. Office management: Event en projectmanagement Professionele bachelor HO. Toerisme en recreatiemanagement Professionele bachelor HO.

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